• My computer has shit itself so now I can only post from my phone which is okay, I’m just no really into this tiny ass keyboard and forever backtracking and correcting my post, but anywho life is good, in fact it’s great, work with Jackie is coming along good, the pay is really a great help also, my clean eating is going okay, I’ve had a couple slip ups foodwise but all n all it’s good, I’ve been doing a lot of biking this week, and I’m amping to get into the gym with a buddie of mines who’s a fanatic, I need her push.

    The kids are good, Potiki, since turning 3 has turned into such a demanding lil know it all, always has to have the last say aye, and Toa, he cries for absolutely bugger all like for instance if I ask for my phone back..lol.. Yeah nah not gonna happen. Taimana my baby girl is still excelling at school and loving it. Tueras speech is getting heaps better, proud of all my little darlings.

  • My babygurl took out the girl champion for year 5…too neat alright Missy #athleticcarnival #champion

  • 30th August 2014 DAY 13

    Back in the roads early this morning on my own, I’ve accepted the fact that my mate is a piker so imma go hard for myself, always was anyways. So for breakfast this morning I had 2 weetbix with a scoop of 100% whey powder and 100ml no fat milk, for morning snack I had a up and go, for lunch a chicken Pita Bread, afternoon was a protein shake and for dinner Aaron and I had a chicken stirfry, I had a tiny bit if sweet chilli sauce because the flavour is getting very bland. For dessert I had 2x up and go coz I’m really loving them. I’m down to 98kg from 106kg after 2 weeks, looong way to go yet. Sleep by 9pm

  • My babies totally enjoying their cupcake snack

  • Sorted all the boys puzzles today, 2 per bag and they can only have one bag at a time and can’t change it unless all the contents are back in the bag..feeling organised.

  • 24th August 2014 DAY 7

    First week of clean eating and exercises complete and I feel like Ive accomplished a marathon…lol

    For breakfast I had my smoothie and for my morning snack I had and Up and Go with my lunch which was a Chicken Pita Bread and a protein shake for afternoon snack, for dinner tonight I had Steak, Green veg stirfry and rice. I didnt have dessert as I was too tired and my body shut down about 8:30pm.

  • 23rd August 2014 DAY 6

    Into it again at 5:30am on my walk around Kambalda. Starting to feel pretty tight in the legs now and I’m finding the walk to be a bit easier now though and my eating is going really good, today however I tended to feel more hungrier than I have during the week so for breakfast I had the usual smoothie then a GreenTea x50 and because I had work today with Jackie Church I made me a chicken salad to go, for all my snacks today I had up and go’s for dinner we had fish, rice and stirfry. Tomorrow I am going to make a start with some cardio with Sean t’s insanity and Tumehe Rongonui workout plan. Wish me luck coz it seems like I’m on this train alone, Renae, the friend I have been doing the walks with slipped today by eating birthday cake and Aaron the man I’m suppose to be clean eating with got himself totally sloshed all because the rugby was on. So disappointed in the both of them.

  • Ewww

    I didn’t realise I posted those selfies to this blog like omg!!! They are soooooo gone…YUCK… For now.

  • Some recent family photos

  • Kia Ora my tumblr peeps

    Im so sorry at how slack Ive been lately, Ive ad quite alot going on in my life atm. Im well and truly past the 100 day mark with my smoking now, about 112 I think and I have started a clean eating plan as of yesterday and started back into my walking again as well. I need to start getting serious about losing these extra tyres that have settled on my mid section. Im going to start a side blog on this one of my weight loss journey if anyone is interested.

    So the eating plan is Tumehe Rongonui http://www.tumehe.com/ which here you’ll find his website. He has designed all kind of fat burning meal plans for all different weights and so far so good.

    All my babies are mauiui (sick) too, they have been since last week and they’re definitely over it for sure! I took them all to the doctor yesterday only to be told to keep dosing them up with panadol, nurofen Etc but Im on like my 3rd bottle of that plus 2nd bottle of Irish Moss cough mixture and none of thats helping.

    Makes me feel like a failure

  • Impaired Glucose Tolerant

    Did I mention that I went to Kalgoorlie last Friday to have a GTT (Glucose Tolerant Test) done viz blood been drawn? I don’t think I did aye, anyways yeah I went to Kal to have that done and to also support my Taimana who made it into the interschool cross country. I had to have bloods drawn then drink a sweet sugary drink wait an hour have more bloods drawn then wait 2 hours before having the last set of bloods drawn to determine my glocose levels.

    Today I had to go to the doctor to have iron injected into my bumcheek because prior to these test I had to have others done due to feeling under normality and turned out that i am iron and vitamin D deficient and I got the results back for the GTT test which turns out that I’m not diabetic but if I don’t start looking after myself, diet and exercise wise then my health could go downhill real fast. Sadface.

    Last week when I went to have iron injected I asked the doctor about a weightloss pills and he prescribed me Duromine. I’m just waiting for Aarons payday before I can get it. I know its not the ideal way to go about losing weight but ever since I gave up smoking I’ve plumerted real fast around the tummy its so gross and I feel gross too, no energy to do nothing outside the ordinary so once I get onto these and get some energy levels back then I’ll chuck em and start doing it properly. I promise.

  • Carer

    I had a couple hours work last night with Jackie, I made her porkstrips, mash and veg for tea, she told me that she mostly eats pork because its the only meat she doesn’t choke on.

    So I turned up yesterday afternoon and she already had the meat thawed out, her steamed indivual pack of vegs in the microwave ready to be nuked and I just had to peel spuds and put meat in the oven, fed her and while I cleaned her kitchen she got herself into the shower, washed herself then gave me a yell when she needed assisting with her back, armpits and teeth, helped her to dress, made her a coffee and then come home. Jackie really is quite independant, just restricted thats all and I really enjoy getting to know her better, her Father is Aarons suoervisor and they’re distant whanau from back home in Turangi so we’re kinda been close to their whanau for a few years now. Theres a trust thing going on which makes me feel much more comfortable.

  • It’s my first day caring for Jackie today, I started at 9:00 this morning, come over to make her brekkie then got stick I to spring cleaning her flat, she’s not as dependant as I first thought she was, she really surprised me. I took her back to my house for lunch today with my family, Aaron made us sausages in the BBQ it was real cool.