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  • Kia Ora my tumblr peeps

    Im so sorry at how slack Ive been lately, Ive ad quite alot going on in my life atm. Im well and truly past the 100 day mark with my smoking now, about 112 I think and I have started a clean eating plan as of yesterday and started back into my walking again as well. I need to start getting serious about losing these extra tyres that have settled on my mid section. Im going to start a side blog on this one of my weight loss journey if anyone is interested.

    So the eating plan is Tumehe Rongonui http://www.tumehe.com/ which here you’ll find his website. He has designed all kind of fat burning meal plans for all different weights and so far so good.

    All my babies are mauiui (sick) too, they have been since last week and they’re definitely over it for sure! I took them all to the doctor yesterday only to be told to keep dosing them up with panadol, nurofen Etc but Im on like my 3rd bottle of that plus 2nd bottle of Irish Moss cough mixture and none of thats helping.

    Makes me feel like a failure

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  • Impaired Glucose Tolerant

    Did I mention that I went to Kalgoorlie last Friday to have a GTT (Glucose Tolerant Test) done viz blood been drawn? I don’t think I did aye, anyways yeah I went to Kal to have that done and to also support my Taimana who made it into the interschool cross country. I had to have bloods drawn then drink a sweet sugary drink wait an hour have more bloods drawn then wait 2 hours before having the last set of bloods drawn to determine my glocose levels.

    Today I had to go to the doctor to have iron injected into my bumcheek because prior to these test I had to have others done due to feeling under normality and turned out that i am iron and vitamin D deficient and I got the results back for the GTT test which turns out that I’m not diabetic but if I don’t start looking after myself, diet and exercise wise then my health could go downhill real fast. Sadface.

    Last week when I went to have iron injected I asked the doctor about a weightloss pills and he prescribed me Duromine. I’m just waiting for Aarons payday before I can get it. I know its not the ideal way to go about losing weight but ever since I gave up smoking I’ve plumerted real fast around the tummy its so gross and I feel gross too, no energy to do nothing outside the ordinary so once I get onto these and get some energy levels back then I’ll chuck em and start doing it properly. I promise.

  • Carer

    I had a couple hours work last night with Jackie, I made her porkstrips, mash and veg for tea, she told me that she mostly eats pork because its the only meat she doesn’t choke on.

    So I turned up yesterday afternoon and she already had the meat thawed out, her steamed indivual pack of vegs in the microwave ready to be nuked and I just had to peel spuds and put meat in the oven, fed her and while I cleaned her kitchen she got herself into the shower, washed herself then gave me a yell when she needed assisting with her back, armpits and teeth, helped her to dress, made her a coffee and then come home. Jackie really is quite independant, just restricted thats all and I really enjoy getting to know her better, her Father is Aarons suoervisor and they’re distant whanau from back home in Turangi so we’re kinda been close to their whanau for a few years now. Theres a trust thing going on which makes me feel much more comfortable.

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  • It’s my first day caring for Jackie today, I started at 9:00 this morning, come over to make her brekkie then got stick I to spring cleaning her flat, she’s not as dependant as I first thought she was, she really surprised me. I took her back to my house for lunch today with my family, Aaron made us sausages in the BBQ it was real cool.

  • I’m not sure of you can see what that scripture says on my pen there.

    Let your Kingdom come. Matthew 6:10 

    I had a study with Elizabeth this morning, I’ve up’t the anti to 2 per week now and loving it bit anyways she surprised me with this beautiful pen today with this wonderful scripture printed on it, so so thankful.

    Anyways at our Sunday meeting while studying the watch tower magazine we were on the topic of keeping your faith in Jehovah strong, putting all your trust and beliefs into Jehovah in the way that what he says, goes.

    This DVD that we watched was kind of based with this particular outline. It showed that by showing the utmost faith. I loved the movie, made me love our creator even more😘😘😘😘

  • My cousin Rosae posted this on my Facebook yesterday, Hes having a dig up of all his old family albums I’m guessing and this popped up, hope its the only one of me..lol. Im so thankful that what friends post on my page is locked and only my eyes can see coz this photo (thats me in the red) just brings back those memories where my sister Johanna and I were never properly cared for, Look at how hori (rugged) and scruffy I look :-(, looking back on this picture really saddens me. Guarantee all that hair on my head was full of kutus (headlice).

  • I missed out on the magic bullet I ordered and paid for yesterday, I received a message today from the seller on eBay that they don’t deliver to my area and had refunded my funds so now I’ve found this one here for similar price, I quite like the sheek look of this George Foreman.

  • I have decided along with a friend to enter this Woolhandling competition in October down in Esperance, back in my younger, slimmer and fitter days I used to follow the shearing shows around NZ entering the Woolhandling circuit I loved it but that was before kids. Hope I can still move it like I used to. Should be fun.

  • This is my Toa saying karakia (grace) before dinner

  • Look what I’ve just purchased off eBay, usually these are around the $100-$200 mark so I jumped on this score…I’m looking forward to making some yummy and healthy smoothies in here, I seriously need to start losing some weight, like seriously.

  • The kids and I attended our 2nd meeting down at the Kingdom Hall together today, my boys get a bit wriggly after an hour of sitting there being quiet but for a new and different environment for them they are awesome, I’m so proud of them and how they kept quiet today, next Sunday Aaron is on days off so I’ll give the boys the day off attending the meeting and just take my Taimana with me, she enjoys learning more about Jehovah as much as I do. This afternoon however we had family photos, so after our meeting which finished at 11:30ish we come home and I made some sandwiches for lunch, woke Aaron up (coz he’s on nights) and get to the other side of our big town, nah not really by 1:20pm. One of my friends has been raising money to go towards her total hip replacement so another friend of ours offered up her time to do family/kids portraits for a cheap price that goes towards her fundraising. $20 for 10 shots but she does wayyyy more than 10 and the editing she does from what I’ve seen are amazing, she’s not an accredited photographer but she loves it and it shows in her work. Can’t wait to see them. It’s been a busy day for me today so here I am still awake at blinkin 10pm…geez

  • Always gotta be one friggen egg that wants to stay stuck to the carton!!! Frustrates the shit outta me maaaaan.

  • Excuse the spare tyre round my waist, this is taken the night if my 35th birthday here at home having a couple quiet one with my very good friend Renae, well at the time we were besties, to the extent that we were together everyday, even more than once a day we were together, were still friends but now that I’ve given up the smoking and toking we don’t see nearly as much as each other anymore, Renaes given up the ciggys but not the weed, and see the beautiful little girl here, her name is bailie, I forget if Ive mentioned her here before, she’s definitely and angel in disguise, such a pretty kid but her attitude is horrible! She’s one if those kids who solves everything with her fist, she swears like full on in sentences like she knows what she’s saying so if she wants something one of my boys have she’ll try to snatch and if she don’t get it it’s a straight punch to their face and her mother does nothing and when she does bailie pretty much laughs at her so when I tell her to cut it out she looks at me as if to say ‘what the heck are you on about’, never stopped my boys being nice to her though because I’m raising them to be good kids so theyre always excited to see her only to have her turn her nose up at them unless they have something she wants then the bitchy hands come out and when it comes to part ways my boys are always like bye bailie and she’ll spit back ‘fuck you’ so my boys have put up with this behaviour from her for a good 11 months now and a lot has changed, I don’t see bugger all of renae anymore 1) because she has a job working at a cafe and 2) because I’m not smoking weed anymore (we were the bestest stoner buddies) 3) I’ve stepped right back from our friendship because of her daughter.
    My boys are on the full on defence whenever they’re round Bailie now which is really sad, she’s the same age as Potiki and she’s always picking on him and Tuera but my boys don’t put up with her now nor do they like playing with her which is fine by me, I don’t want her crappy ways rubble
    G iff on my babies..more to come I. That subject.

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